Sustainability & Social Impact

Our fashion leadership envisions a greener environment, free of avoidable waste and petroleum-based apparel. Our fashion design, our use of sustainable superior materials, our research and tailoring coupled with our second to none GORSKI ‘after sale annual service’, will ensure our products remain fashionable and useable for decades.

We are dedicated transparency at all stages, from sourcing, production of natural raw materials through to the final product. We effectuate our commitments by collaborating with like-minded supply chain partners, each placing an emphasis on responsible practices, ensuring that we also help create economies, maintaining a healthy environment including in workplaces. These supply chain partners include respectful innovative material suppliers, pristine publicly traded or monitored auction houses, and farms committed to animal welfare. We are continuously innovating our processes to ensure our products leave a minimal carbon and environmental footprint. 

We are committed to fully focus on the use of superb and sustainable materials such as cashmere, wool, down, feathers, shearlings, Lamb and goat leather and pelts, derived from ‘byproducts of the food supply chain" by end of fiscal 2025,

We invite you to join in our commitment, become increasingly mindful, demonstrating care for the planet, securing a sustainable healthy future, relying on renewable, sustainable nonpolluting resources. 

Environmental Stewardship – our ESG

  • GORSKI uses select quality natural materials that are both sustainable and biodegradable. 
  • We do not use endangered species, materials, leathers, or furs unless sustainable, abundant, and government controlled.    
  • GORSKI is committed to minimizing the wasteful use of energy, water, or precious resources,   
  • We aim for ‘zero waste’.  
  • GORSKI re-purposes, recycles, re-uses, shearlings and prior made fur garments, extending their useful life, servicing and caring for each in our storage, cleaning, conditioning, and restyling – in GORSKI second to none ‘state of the art’ national cold storage facilities and vaults. 
  • GORSKI stands behind our products availing unparallel ‘after sale service’ – it is consistent with GORSKI commitment to sustainability and longevity investment; where most others merely ‘Green Wash’ shallow care for environmental care, limiting their actions to hollow ESG commitments.    


Ethical & Social 

  • GORSKI respects the rights of our team, our employees, our service providers, contractors, ensuring each is treated correctly, fairly, and with the utmost respect. 
  • GORSKI is committed to contribute to the economic and social development of each community we engage with. As such we support Charities in all our key regions.
  • GORSKI publicly communicates our sustainability commitments and performance goals included in our sustainability and social impact targets.
  • GORSKI insists on the highest standards of animal welfare, sourcing only ranch-raised and government-controlled approved sustainable materials.


Animal Welfare Commitment  

  • GORSKI and our supply chain partners, remain leaders in sustainability with a sincere commitment to animal welfare.  
  • GORSKI remains since 4 decades, the industry pole bearer, the authority in creating fashion made from superb shearlings and by-products of the ‘food supply chain’. 
  • GORSKI leads the sector and its fur fashion supply chain, to attain our commitment to transition 100% of our fashion, to use shearling – lamb and goat skins, derived sustainable natural wools and feathers; Natural renewable resources, materials of the highest quality, sustainable by-product of the ‘food supply chain’.